Annoying games people still play

annoying gamesThis post is written based on my own tests. I am not trying to say that you shouldn’t play the game at all. I hate them and will never install any copy on my device again.
Maybe, it is the kind of game will like to participate in every moment of the day.
Before I really write them out, take a short time to check the post I published before this.
The game has over 10 million installs on android and IOS. It is played on computer.
There are lots of developers making so many earnings from it. And, some YouTube owners have start offering special services to people that run its currency platform.

Let me get started by thanking my friends that also hate such games. They includes:

Candy Crush Saga: Are you surprised that this one is mentioned? Back then in school, every female student plays this game all the time. When I watch them, I wonder how it is interesting.
I can’t actually say if they are wasting their time. They should be playing something addictive like action or an adventure game. Before I could know it, some guys started playing it too.
If I own the app store they downloaded it from that will be the first game I will ban or remove.

Fruit Ninja: This is another boring game which you should never play. I know someone that still plays this in 2019. I wonder what a grownup will be doing in such game when real guys are playing something cool. It is a crazy game which you should never bother to install on your device.

Subway Surfers: This one is interesting a bit, but annoying after sometimes. There is nothing different after you run for a long time. No different road and nothing special. I know its endless running but I easily get tired after few minutes. You shouldn’t think of having it installed.

Hungry Shark Evolution: I remember when this game came out. I thought it is an amazing one, so I installed it. It is a special nonsense that doesn’t seem to be understandable. I don’t know what I have to do on any level. At one point, game ends without knowing what you are told to do. It is annoying and super boring.
I was surprised when my sister said she likes the game. Who on earth will want to play something like that, it is her.

Modern War Combat 4: At first I found it to be cool. But when updates started coming every day, I hated the game. You shouldn’t bother to install it if you come from a country with an expensive internet subscription. Its regular update which is a must will hinder you from enjoying the game.

If you know of other annoying game, kindly mention them in the comment section.
For those that needs glitches, check this post. It is about the one that works for battle cats game.

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