7 reasons to play computer games

computer games reasons

Let us be truthful to ourselves. Don’t you want to so smart, so that you can actually become the dude loved by many and also have access to lots of opportunities?
It is really known by experts that computer games can make you smart. Below, you will see 7 reasons why they say so;

1. The key to success is failure
Ask people who have success if they have ever failed in anything. They will reply with a bold Yes. This is because the major key to success is to fail. You can’t just wake up one day and get to the highest position which you dream of. They might be some failures attached, which will actually help to teach you some lessons, and make you do some adjustments, in order to achieve that success.
This in turn can be seen in games, when you have to struggle, fail in missions before you have the chance to pass them.

2. It increases your rate of solving problems
RPG game like Call of Duty is fantastic for brain training. It improved the cognitive abilities of you, more than other games. The problem solving technique in it, promotes flexibility and adaptability.
You should consider get a copy of it or other related game and then play 3 times per week.

3. Your mind is active through gaming
Sudoku, during crosswords will help to curb mental and physical losses. It will help to improve memory and even longevity.

4. Visual tasks are best as games
The virtual skills of frequent players are sharpened through gaming. Researches show that those game players perform well than non-players on many tasks that are done virtually. Experienced gamers are good in tracking objects, filtering out outdated information, detecting changes in different virtual layouts, 3d mental movements and keeping track of different objects.

5. Processing speed is increased through gaming
The ability of anyone to process information without restriction is more important in any life endeavor. This ability can be added an extra plus to ones talent, when you can do tasks speedily and accurately. It in turn helps in decision making and can be achievable by mastering computer games.

6. Players have better memories
It has been researched and concluded by experts that 3D computer games can really boost the power of one’s memory.
It was confirmed by bringing two groups and assigning the first with 2D games and the other with 3D games. Both were told to complete tasks within the game for 2 weeks. Before given them those tasks, a memory test was carried out on them. After the 2 weeks, those with 3D games assigned, improved better than the other.

7. Playing games improves your natural ability to multitask
This does not refer to any type of game, but mainly computer games. It helps to improve one’s skill in vision, cognition, attention and lastly multitasking.
A study has confirmed that playing 3D racing games for four weeks improves a player’s multitasking ability for over 5 months. The improvement was seen in 20-70 old buddies, but trained over 60 years old performed well than those of 20 years who didn’t play the game.

To conclude this article in a perfect way, if you know anyone that is over 50 years, tell him/her to play 3D video games.

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